The Story of a Balloon Seller


Suruj Mia, a Balloon seller from Old Dhaka. Head of the family of five and main source of earnings is the money he receives from selling all the balloons.
On an average he earns around Tk 300 ($3.00) per day) and on a good day if he is Blessed it may rise up to Tk 500 ($5.00).
With this meagre income, he said it is very difficult to maintain his family, specially when he has to save money to pay for his daughter’s wedding and pay for the treatment of his wife in addition to his regular bills.
He said he loves children and really enjoys making them happy, with a minimum charge.
Sometimes, he does not even charge and give it away as a freebee, if a poor kid cannot pay. The happiness of the kids takes priority over the necessity to survive.
When I took this photo it reminded me of a line from a famous poem by Sukanto
Ranar (The Postal Runner)
“এর জীবনের দুঃখ কেবল জানবে পথের তৃণ,
এর দুঃখের কথা জানবে না কেউ শহরে ও গ্রামে, “ (সুকান্ত ভট্টাচার্য)
“Only the leaves of grass will know the sorrows of this life
And none in the city or village will ever hear of this grief “ (Translation: Gopali Di)

I offered to help him for letting me take his photo, but he refused and told me to buy some balloons and distribute among poor children, which will give them a momentary happiness in a life full of uncertainty.
I have used selective colouring to express his sorrow and happiness. May God Bless Him all the time.
Another regular Unsung Hero, who will never be heard again.
Cam: Lumix GX7, Aper:f/5, Shutter:1/125s, ISO 400
Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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