The Molasses Man


Our Molasses man is 77 years old. He has been making molasses since he is 12 years old. It all started from helping his old man as his side kick and the journey never stopped.
He has witnessed two changes of flags, seen a lot of head of states, and various changes in his journey called life, but the only thing that remained unchanged was his passion for making molasses and his age-old method of preparing it.
A lot of people advised him to move on to something else for living, but against all odds he decided not part away from his passion. He has no regret and considers himself to be a connoisseur of molasses, and feels very happy when people enjoy Bengali desserts made from molasses, even it is bought from someone else.
His only regret, none of his children followed his footsteps.
He was very curious and suspicious, when I requested to take his photograph. As no one has ever had the time to ask him about his passion let alone take his photograph.

Cam: Lumix GX7, Aper 2.8, Shutter 1/800s, ISO 400
Rajshahi, Bangladesh


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