Julika Rani: The Story of a small woman entrepreneur


Hailing from Old Dhaka, she has been selling “offering flowers” for the last 15 years. Her office is in a corner on the top of a drain in a small alley in Old Dhaka. Her customers are mainly the devotees at the nearby temple.
Her husband and two daughters help her to collect the flowers, and she weaves the garlands herself with some help from her daughters to weave a better future for her family.
In her business world, she is the CEO, marketing manager, production manager and accountant. She has no web page, and no ad campaign to enhance her sales. She did not get any bank loan or received any help from any NGO.

She started the business with Taka 1000, given to her by a devotee at the temple, when she came to ask for help to treat her ailing husband.
Now she earns around Taka 1000 per day, by selling garlands of fresh flowers. With this money, she made sure that both her daughters are educated and are promised a better life than her. This would have been impossible with the meagre income of her husband as a daily labour.

She is not only a successful business woman, but also a successful wife and a mother.
Julika, thank you for letting me have the opportunity to shoot you. May God Keep you Blessed all the time.

Cam: Lumix GX7, Aper f/4, Shutter 1/160s, ISO 800
Old Dhaka, Bangladesh


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