“আজকে রাতে
হয়তো বা একটা কবিতার
জন্ম হবে,
কিম্বা মৃত্যু!”

“Perhaps, there will be
a birth of a poem or
an inevitable death—- tonight!”

Original poem written by Dr.Mousumi Banerjee

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Manchester, UK


“I was also a bride one day”


At a wedding ceremony, while all the eyes were transfixed at the bride walking down the aisle, perhaps a scene taken place many summers ago was being replayed down the memory lane.

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Wirral, UK

A citizen of the empire

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Born as a citizen of the empire. But, before she could utter her first words the invaders split the nation in two. Suddenly, the neighbours became an enemy and she required to call a strange land her new “Home”.
Most of her family members left, but she along with her parents and siblings stayed back, hoping against hope that oneday things will be back to normal and she will be reunited with her relatives and friends.
But her dream never came true as she stares at the end of the ally hoping that she will be able to hug and touch those who left her for their new home.
Hope is what is keeping her alive

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Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Story of a Balloon Seller


Suruj Mia, a Balloon seller from Old Dhaka. Head of the family of five and main source of earnings is the money he receives from selling all the balloons.
On an average he earns around Tk 300 ($3.00) per day) and on a good day if he is Blessed it may rise up to Tk 500 ($5.00).
With this meagre income, he said it is very difficult to maintain his family, specially when he has to save money to pay for his daughter’s wedding and pay for the treatment of his wife in addition to his regular bills.
He said he loves children and really enjoys making them happy, with a minimum charge.
Sometimes, he does not even charge and give it away as a freebee, if a poor kid cannot pay. The happiness of the kids takes priority over the necessity to survive.
When I took this photo it reminded me of a line from a famous poem by Sukanto
Ranar (The Postal Runner)
“এর জীবনের দুঃখ কেবল জানবে পথের তৃণ,
এর দুঃখের কথা জানবে না কেউ শহরে ও গ্রামে, “ (সুকান্ত ভট্টাচার্য)
“Only the leaves of grass will know the sorrows of this life
And none in the city or village will ever hear of this grief “ (Translation: Gopali Di)

I offered to help him for letting me take his photo, but he refused and told me to buy some balloons and distribute among poor children, which will give them a momentary happiness in a life full of uncertainty.
I have used selective colouring to express his sorrow and happiness. May God Bless Him all the time.
Another regular Unsung Hero, who will never be heard again.
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Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Molasses Man


Our Molasses man is 77 years old. He has been making molasses since he is 12 years old. It all started from helping his old man as his side kick and the journey never stopped.
He has witnessed two changes of flags, seen a lot of head of states, and various changes in his journey called life, but the only thing that remained unchanged was his passion for making molasses and his age-old method of preparing it.
A lot of people advised him to move on to something else for living, but against all odds he decided not part away from his passion. He has no regret and considers himself to be a connoisseur of molasses, and feels very happy when people enjoy Bengali desserts made from molasses, even it is bought from someone else.
His only regret, none of his children followed his footsteps.
He was very curious and suspicious, when I requested to take his photograph. As no one has ever had the time to ask him about his passion let alone take his photograph.

Cam: Lumix GX7, Aper 2.8, Shutter 1/800s, ISO 400
Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Julika Rani: The Story of a small woman entrepreneur


Hailing from Old Dhaka, she has been selling “offering flowers” for the last 15 years. Her office is in a corner on the top of a drain in a small alley in Old Dhaka. Her customers are mainly the devotees at the nearby temple.
Her husband and two daughters help her to collect the flowers, and she weaves the garlands herself with some help from her daughters to weave a better future for her family.
In her business world, she is the CEO, marketing manager, production manager and accountant. She has no web page, and no ad campaign to enhance her sales. She did not get any bank loan or received any help from any NGO.

She started the business with Taka 1000, given to her by a devotee at the temple, when she came to ask for help to treat her ailing husband.
Now she earns around Taka 1000 per day, by selling garlands of fresh flowers. With this money, she made sure that both her daughters are educated and are promised a better life than her. This would have been impossible with the meagre income of her husband as a daily labour.

She is not only a successful business woman, but also a successful wife and a mother.
Julika, thank you for letting me have the opportunity to shoot you. May God Keep you Blessed all the time.

Cam: Lumix GX7, Aper f/4, Shutter 1/160s, ISO 800
Old Dhaka, Bangladesh